Virmach主机Vir的VPS超过限制CPU占用怎么限制,vir限制规则?-收到VIR的邮件,说一台VIR超过限制,才发现VIR的限制很是严格,除了CPU,还限制I/O读写。 VirMach是美国主机商,一直以来提供非常实惠的便宜主机,不过也有不少抱怨的...


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闪购 和特价款,限制的更加严格,io是80
中秋的 KVM lite cpu只有一半

As you may know, your service is a virtual server that comes with a portion of the physical disks on a server. While you have a dedicated amount of disk allotted to you that you may fully use, we limit the operations on your disk to a fair share. Your service was recently found to be using high levels of I/O.

CAUTION: Please read this message to avoid your service being powered off or suspended.

While we permit you to average around 80 TPS/IOPS, our AUP does not permit constant usage or larger bursts. You must understand that your VPS is a virtual instance running on a physical server with limited amounts of I/O shared across multiple users, which is why we have this policy in place. Your service was found to be using an average of 246.92 transactions per second for multiple hours. If the high usage continues your service may be powered off or suspended.

Please reduce your usage. If you have a Windows VPS then you may follow this guide , please also make sure no intensive processes are running in the background, such as a Windows Update which may sometimes break . The disk is utilized when reading or writing files, which includes excessive web browsing or processing large amount of files. If your servers require using a lot of I/O then you can purchase the High I/O add-on, if available for your plan, this will give you 2x the allowed IOPs of your current plan without upgrading. If you don't think even that upgrade will be enough then you should consider upgrading to a Dedicated Server. We can possibly provide you with a discount if you'd like to switch, please let us know. We can also help you with the migration of your files and data if you choose to go with a dedicated server. Another option available to you is upgrading to a higher plan, for example our SSD4G plan has a very lenient allowance for I/O, much higher than the plans below it.

Based on the usage levels discovered by our system, you can purchase the "enable VDS" addon for your service, to increase your permitted level of disk operations. This addon can be purchased for SSD1G services and above, and would keep you within acceptable levels of usage and would keep you abiding by our Acceptable Usage Policy.

You may purchase the appropriate addon below:

You may purchase the appropriate addon below:

You may see our Acceptable Use Policy below:

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance in lowering your usage or if you have any questions. We may also have discounts/coupons available if you'd like to upgrade to avoid further issues.


systemctl set-property user.slice CPUQuota=50%
systemctl set-property system.slice CPUQuota=50%

cgroup 限制IO         

cat /proc/partitions
echo "8:0 1048576" > /sys/fs/cgroup/blkio/g1/blkio.throttle.write_bps_device






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